RCR Poster Presentation Guidelines

APPE Presentation Guidelines for RCR Poster Submission

The following guide provides instructions for registering and presenting a poster for the RCR track during the 2014 APPE Annual Meeting to be held in Jacksonville, FL., February 27-March 2, 2014.  To reserve space for your presentation, you must submit an application form through the regular process for conference paper/presentation submissions (2014 APPE Submission Form), and mark your submission as intended for the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) track.  The deadline for submissions, including posters, is October 25, 2013.


APPE will accept poster submissions for the first time at the 2014 annual meeting.  The purpose is to offer another format for those interested in sharing their scholarship or other work at the meeting, beyond the formal papers, panels, and other presentation modes.  In addition, the session will offer an opportunity for individual networking between scholars and others who are interested in the presenters’ topic or research.  Not all disciplines routinely offer poster presentation sessions, but some do, particularly in medicine, the sciences, and some humanities.  We encourage attendees from all disciplines to try out this format and submit an abstract to present a poster at this year’s meeting.

Information for New Poster Presenters

If you have never designed or presented a poster, you should simply google “posters” and you will find a plethora of descriptions, instructions, and design tips for you to consider.  A sampling of instructional webpages are listed below.  The usual poster is printed as one large page in color, using a mix of graphics and text, and is brought to the conference to be pinned to a poster board.  Other formats are possible (e.g., multiple pages), as long as you follow the requirements shown below.







Poster submissions will be accepted only for the RCR conference track.  This includes any topic that pertains to research integrity and/or the responsible conduct of research (RCR), such as research ethics education or training, ethics in research and scholarship, academic culture, ethical decision-making in research, and academic misconduct.  Posters may present any type of research, program evaluation or assessment results, theoretical analyses, curricula, or descriptions of institutional practices, programs, or policy efforts.  They may be empirical, theoretical, conceptual, practical, and/or pedagogical.  The only requirement is that they be related to RCR.

Event Format

Process:  Posters will be displayed throughout the conference.  However, the conference agenda will include a special Poster Presentation Event during which time conference participants will be encouraged to tour the poster area and discuss the poster details with their authors.  During this scheduled event, you are requested to stand near your poster so that you are available to answer questions and discuss your work with those who attend the session.


Introduction of Presenters:  In addition to discussing your poster with attendees, all poster presenters will be given a brief (2-3 minute) opportunity to introduce themselves to the room and share one or two facts about the work presented in the poster.  This will take place mid-session and you will not need to do anything in particular to prepare.  Someone will bring the microphone around to each presenter in turn at the appropriate time.

Co-Authors/Co-Presenters:  You may list as many co-authors or co-presenters as appropriate for your presentation.  Only one presenter is required to be present during the session, although others are encourage to attend as well.  The submitter is the only person who will receive communications about the submission.  The submitter is responsible for providing any necessary information to their co-authors and/or co-presenters.


Poster Design and Specifications

Each poster presentation will be allotted one panel space (size to be announced soon).  To attach your poster and/or other materials to the board you will need to use push pins.  We will provide pins for this purpose or you can bring your own.  The poster may consist of one single sheet that displays your entire presentation or a number of pieces that together exhibit your work.  We suggest that your poster and other materials be lightweight so as to allow for easy movement and positioning. You should not have your poster mounted (since it needs to be pinned to a board at the meeting).

Poster Printing

Most copy shops and many units on university campuses are set up to print a poster to your size and media specifications, in black and white or color, for a relatively low cost (e.g., $ 10-$100, depending on quality), from an electronic file that you provide.

Poster Transport

You are encouraged to bring your poster with you when you travel to the conference.  If you prefer not to bring it with you when traveling, you may elect to have a local printer near the conference hotel print your poster for you – acceptance notifications will include information on local printing options.

Electronic and Other Equipment for Presentations

You may use laptop computers and other electronic equipment as a supplement to your presentation, but poster presentations shown entirely on a computer are discouraged.  If you wish to use electronic or other audio-visual equipment, you must indicate that on the APPE AUDIO VISUAL NEEDS FORM, which is available on the Submission webpage and is required for all accepted presentations.  Laptops will not be provided.  Similarly, if you plan to bring copies of a paper supporting the poster presentation, or other printed materials, you must indicate that on the form, so that table space can be allocated for that purpose if needed.  Alternatively, you may wish to pin cards or information sheets to the poster board, which will allow attendees to contact you and request supporting materials.  You can also indicate on the form if you need special accommodations of any kind.


Applications for poster presentations must be submitted through the regular process for paper/presentation submissions, as instructed on the Submissions Guidelines and Categories page, by October 25th, 2013.  You must mark on your application that you are proposing to do a poster, and you must mark that it is intended for the RCR Poster Presentation.  Each application must include an abstract of no more than 250 words, which will be printed in the Annual Meeting Abstracts publication to be included in conference packets.

Applicants will be notified by email no later than December 18, 2013 whether or not they have been selected to present, and if so, provided information on set-up locations and other logistical details.

Set up and Tear Down

It is the presenter’s responsibility to put up and take down his/her poster, in the location specified in the Poster Presenter Instructions, which will be emailed to you prior to the conference and available at conference check-in.  You will be given a designated spot on one of the poster boards, identified by number, which will match your abstract to your location in the program packet.

Poster set-up will be on Thursday, February 28, 2014.  The times and location will be announced prior to the meeting, along with times for removal.

If you cannot bring or remove your poster during the designated times, you may request special arrangements by contacting the poster session coordinator, Anita Gordon.

Questions or Additional Information

Please contact the RCR poster session coordinator: Anita Gordon, University of Northern Iowa, (319) 273-6148, or anita.gordon@uni.edu.

Conference Registration Required

All poster presenters and co-presenters are required to register for the conference.

For questions directed to APPE, please contact the APPE office at:

email: appe@indiana.edu

Phone: (812) 855-6450

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