Empirical Ethics

Empirical Ethics

It will soon be almost twenty years since what is now termed Empirical Ethics emerged with its instruments and methods to provide an approach to ethics and ethical issues that complements more theoretical perspectives.  Several APPE members would like to explore empirical ethics with a (mini) conference at an upcoming APPE Annual Meeting and Charlotte McDaniel, PhD, STM, has agreed to serve as chair of the Planning Committee.  We anticipate taking a ‘look back to look forward’ to assess where we have been and where we might or should go in the future.  We envision engaging in a critical analysis of empirical ethics, its methods, contributions, challenges, successes, and failures, with an eye to enhancing our overall work in applied ethics.  And, there is no better place to initiate this conversation than in at APPE gathering.

There are four ways in which you may participate in the Empirical Ethics Program.  Please let us know if you:

  •  Would be interested in attending a session or mini-conference on Empirical Ethics?
  •  Would be interested in submitting a paper or topic for a roundtable discussion?
  •  Suggestions for speakers or topics the Empirical Ethics Program should explore?
  •  Would be interested in serving on the Empirical Ethics Program Planning Committee?

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